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Taking Flying Lessons and Learning To Fly must be one of the most exciting experiences you can have in New Zealand. All it takes is a quick Google to see the huge number of Flight Schools and Aero Clubs covering all New Zealand regions. Whether you want to learn from an Aviation College or with a private qualified Flying Instructor LearnToFly.co.nz has the resources you need to choose a quality Flight School learning Experience.

We have never met anyone that did not enjoy the experience of learning to fly and even though some just took what is called a Flight Experience introductory flight and never actually joined a Flight School, the flight experience was well worth the effort.

Have a look through our Flight Schools and Flying Lesson Instructors listed by region and we are confident that you too will talk of your experience while learning to fly for many years to come.

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Learn To Fly in New ZealandHave you have ever dreamt of Learning to Fly?

Then this website is for you. We have links to schools and aviation clubs to enable you to fulfil your dream of learning to fly in New Zealand and have the best flight experience!
Good pilots must push themselves to the limit and do so in the right company.

LearntoFly.co.nz can recommend the best Flight Schools and Aero Clubs for you to learn how to fly. See the Flight Schools page and our Partners page to find your local aerodrome and take your flight experience!
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